The most important analyzes that are used in trading

 The most important analyzes that are used in trading:

The theory of supply and demand is used to determine the price, meaning if we want to know the price of something, we must know how much the supply is equal to and the demand for it how much is the same thing. This does not mean that the supply does not change, but that its effect is weak in the short term.

The focus will be on the analysis of the dog, not the show. The analyzes, there are different types only, and we use these types of analyzes to restrict anything, whether it is stocks, currencies, or even commodities. There is no type of analysis better than analysis or more important than it.

The first type of analysis is fundamental analysis:

Fundamental analysis includes all the scientific analyzes that you refer to evaluate any price, such as finance, and any sciences that play a role in changing the price of something.

In the case of stocks, public companies are required to issue reports in every certain period which are income statements; balance sheets; cash flow. The aim of these reports is to provide information about the company's performance and the movements that it obtains. These 

reports are used by many entities such as the government for taxes.

In the case of forex, there are also different reports from different parties that are used to evaluate the currency and the changes that occur in it, such as gross domestic product, inflation rates, the interest rate of the central bank, and investment reports.

The second type of analysis is technical analysis :

Quite simply, technical analysis is an analysis based on reading the past to predict the future, assuming history repeats itself. The same and these are called "patterns" or indicators that you use in order to predict price movement.

The third type of analysis is sentiment analysis:

In this type, you analyze the feelings of the neighbor, and this is difficult to analyze feelings into numbers, and the ways in which you can evaluate feelings is by observing the price change after negative or positive news. This means that it is possible, for example, to produce a report against the dollar, but after that its price rose, so know here that Public opinion is with the dollar, not against it. 

If you want to get ideas, follow the communication sites of the most famous traders who have experience in the field in order to get ideas and information from them.

Every trader’s ultimate goal is profit, and I don’t think that there is a trader whose goal is other than this goal, and we all agree on this goal we want to earn money continuously and with the highest percentage of safety and continuity and safety are close to each other and in order to maintain the continuity of profit we must avoid devastating losses and these things are based on something It achieves its stability and it is the strategy we use in trading.

This strategy is based on three basic pillars, and each pillar is as important as the other, and without any of them, the plan fails, and these pillars are analysis; Risk Management; feelings. Each column is a school full of science and experience to create a successful strategy to reach the goals. And the last thing is the foundation, which represents knowledge and experience

The professional trader tries to build different strategies to know which strategy is better and which strategy is unsuccessful, and this is to strengthen the successful strategy

Risk management is a type of analysis, but we separated it from the types of analysis because of its importance in making the strategy. Based on the evaluation, we conclude the percentage of risk that we will take in this strategy and what is the amount we will enter and what is the amount that we will achieve or lose compared to the expected gain. This column is important to maintain the continuity of profit in a way of security.

As for the feelings that are fear, greed, vanity, and other characteristics as well, we must know how to reduce them or even abandon them. On the other hand, good qualities that we must develop in ourselves, such as patience, commitment, and sincerity in work. Therefore, they should not be related to money in order not to be afraid of losing it. Learn how to lose in order to win

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